Individual Lessons

We can create individual language projects tailored to your specific needs and potential. The course is designed as “one-on-one” (you and the lecturer). We can offer you the best and most effective teaching method, which meets your criteria.

1. The lecturer focuses solely on you and your progress;
2. The pace of the lesson and the entire course will reflect your individual skill level;
3. Tuition focuses on the weakest skills or knowledge;
4. You can determine the correct teaching plan according to your wishes;
5. You can schedule the language course to fit your schedule.

We can also prepare Czech language courses for foreigners as individual tuition. Czech is taught in English, German, French, Spanish, Polish, and Russian.

All eyes on you

Of course, in the case of one-on-one lessons all the attention is focused at the student and there is no getting away from it. But is this necessarily a drawback? Being the only recipient of the teacher’s communication forces the student to respond and actively participate in the lesson and therefore to improve by constant practice. It also means that the student is less likely to get bored during the class because there are no other people the teacher needs to give attention to.

It’s all about you

Individual lessons mean that the teaching plan is based on the student’s personal linguistic needs. It allows the teacher the freedom to spend longer time working on problem areas with that particular student and the lesson can be tailored to the individual’s needs and interests in such cases. Some students are also shy or introverted and do not feel comfortable in a group of other people and simply work better in a one-on-one situation.
It’s just convenient

It is easier for the student to change the time or place of the lesson when needed in the case of individual lessons with a teacher. This is especially important for people who are professionally active and have irregular working hours. In the case of group classes, students who miss a class are entitled to the materials used during the missed class, however the class takes place for the rest of the group regardless of an individual’s absence.

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