Blended learning

Improve your language skills faster and more effectively. Blended learning is the most modern and most effective method of teaching foreign languages to date. You may also know it as b-learning. This is a combined teaching method, which utilises the advantages of so-called blended learning. It combines face-to-face teaching with the lecturer and e-learning, learning using teaching software and multi-media tools.

Rapid improvement of language skills
The combination of two teaching methods makes the blended learning method demonstrably more effective then when each method is used separately. You can use blended learning to improve both corporate language courses and private lessons.

Adapt your lessons
You can use e-learning as a supplement to classic teaching, which you can adapt according to your professional specialisation. Combine face-to-face general language lessons with e-learning English classes for personnel workers, sales agents, etc.

The advantages of the e-learning part of tuition
●      You study at the time and rate most suited to you.
●      You study what you need to at your own pace. No one holds you back.
●      Classes are an interesting use of modern technologies with attractive multi-media tools – videos, on-line articles, audio outputs, game elements, etc.
●      You can practice language skills privately so that you feel comfortable with listening, pronunciation and understanding.
●      Configure the course content yourself. Pass over or speed up topics that are clear to you. Study topics that you feel the need to in more detail.

The e-learning part of tuition has one disadvantage. It is very easy to close the browser window, which is why we have prepared the second part of this teaching method, which regularly motivates you to continue studying and improving – face-to-face classes with a lecturer.
The advantages of classes with a lecturer
●      Follow-on face-to-face classes provide you with explanation of the subject-matter and the opportunity to practice grammar. The lecturer will help you with precisely the issues you individually require.
●      The class will chiefly be devoted to practicing and conversation.
●      The lecturer will help you discover potential mistakes and eliminate them.
●      You will be assigned individual tasks to expand you knowledge, vocabulary, grammar, listening skills, etc. and you will be motivated to continue studying.

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