International language examination

We arrange international language examinations at all our branches and we an ETS partner.

You can take the following international language examinations at the Slůně – svět jazyků language school:
●      TOEIC (English)
●      TOEIC BRIDGE (English up to level B1)
●      WiDaF (German)
●      TFI (French)
●      We can advise you and arrange the administration to enable you to take Cambridge examinations.
●      We can prepare you for taking other types of international examination

We will prepare you for taking international language examinations

Preparation for taking international examinations
and others

Why take an international language examination?
An internationally valid language examination certificate will help you:

●      as a substitute for a school leaving examination in a foreign language
●      when you want to study or take an internship abroad
●      to acquire a job abroad or with a foreign company in the Czech Republic
●      during naturalisation (acquisition of citizenship) abroad, etc.

As an employer an international language certificate will help you:
●      establish your employees’ and job candidates’ foreign language skills
●      see the improvement in your employees’ language skills when they take language courses

Before you choose which language examination to take, consider:
●      for what purpose you need the international language certificate (language examinations are usually valid for 2 years)
●      what your language skill level is

What you will receive:
●      A point rating corresponding to a level according to the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages
●      A description of the “can do level” – skills and knowledge corresponding to the score you attain
●      An internationally valid certificate containing this information issued by the ETS organisation

TOEIC – international English language examination
TOEIC – Test of English for International Communication – is an internationally acknowledged examination assessing the quality of business communication in English. It is one of the most popular tests, which is used by over 10,000 companies worldwide and taken by more than 6 million candidates a year. This test consists of 2 parts: TOEIC Listening & Reading and TOEIC Speaking & Writing. Each part is taken separately. TOEIC objectively assesses your English language skill level. It enables you to acquire certification at all skill levels and it is therefore impossible to “fail” the test.

WIDAF – international German language examination
WiDaF – Deutsch als Fremdsprache in der Wirtschaft is an internationally acknowledged examination assessing the quality of business communication in German. This examination consists of 2 parts and is written only. It contains a total of 150 questions and takes 3 hours. The 1st part tests for vocabulary and reading skills and the 2nd part is devoted to listening. Both parts must be taken on the same day. This type of examination verifies knowledge from level A2 to C2. It is mainly used by companies for auditing purpose and can also be taken at the company’s premises. WiDaF examinations are included in the List of standardised language examinations according to the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports.

Examination dates are flexible depending on the number of interested parties. You will receive the results within 14 days.

Please contact us for more information about international examinations and preparation for these examinations.

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