We interpret the spoken word in the Czech Republic and abroad. We translate business meetings and events of a private nature. We translate personal meetings and telephone calls, e.g. Skype calls. We focus on the highest quality of translation services, which is why we are also happy to arrange translation equipment for you.

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12 executed interpretations last year

86 active interpretors

10 corporate clients

1 688 interpreted hours

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Guaranteed quality

We work with tried and tested, experienced interpreters with adequate specialisation and experience. We regularly inspect the quality of outputs.

We are flexible

We can come and interpret for you anywhere in the Czech Republic or we can travel on a trip abroad with you. We interpret for individuals and at large conferences.

You are taken care of by one person

We communicate quickly. One coordinator, who is familiar with the details of your order, takes care of you personally and offers solutions that meet your requirements, always takes care of all your orders.

A broad portfolio of services

We interpret at meetings and by Skype, we use interpretation equipment during interpretation at conferences or help you interpret at the workplace when training new colleagues and introducing new technologies during long-term projects. We are ready for new challenges.

What types of interpretation can we help you with?

Interpretation at conferences

We also interpret at large conferences. We can provide you with a turnkey solution for this service including a number of interpreters in various language combinations. We can assure all the necessary conference equipment and interpreting equipment. We provide our services throughout the Czech Republic. We also interpret conferences without the need to use Czech, i.e. through a foreign language or in a combination of foreign languages (e.g. Brazilian, Portuguese – English – Spanish).

An interpreter as a guide for foreigners

We provide guide services for foreigners and individual accompaniment at conferences, business meetings and meetings.
An interpreter as accompaniment on trips abroad
We can arrange an interpreter for you, who will accompany you on your trip abroad. We have interpreters with valid visas (for instance for the USA) for short trips outside the Czech Republic and for long-term interpretation abroad.

Court certified interpreters

We can arrange a court certified interpreter for you for dealings before a notary, at authorities, etc.

Interpretation FAQ

What type of interpretation should I choose?

There are 2 main types of interpretation. Each type is suited for a different purpose and is carried out in a different manner. This means it is important to clarify which type of interpretation you actually need before placing your order. If you are still not certain, contact us and we will help you choose.

Consecutive interpretation

You can use consecutive interpretation for interpreting business meetings, lectures, courses, implementation of production, etc. This is a type of interpretation when the speaker and the interpreter take turns at regular intervals (the speaker says a sentence and the interpreter immediately translates it). This type of interpretation can be used when meeting with delegations, before courts of law, etc.

Simultaneous interpretation

Simultaneous or booth interpretation is the highest form of interpretation. It is mainly used during official events, meetings, seminars, congresses and conferences. During this type of interpretation the interpreter speaks practically at the same time as the speaker. Interpretation equipment (booths, whisper equipment….) and other equipment, which must be installed in advance, is often using during this type of interpretation. Simultaneous interpretation usually requires the presence of at least two interpreters for one language.

How can I ensure a fast price quotation and smooth interpretation?

How can I ensure a fast price quotation and smooth interpretation? Please supply the following information before the price quotation:

Type of interpreting – we usually provide three types of interpreting – accompanying, consecutive, and simultaneous. Accompanying interpretation is used if you have a visitor from abroad for example and you need someone to interpret for him during his stay. Consecutive interpretation is usually used during business meetings, lectures or training courses, when the speaker always leaves time for the interpreter to translate and only continues speaking afterwards. The highest level of interpreting is simultaneous interpretation, which is used at official events, congresses, conferences … In this type of interpreting the interpreter interprets simultaneously and word for word. This type of interpreting requires interpreting technology (booths, chuchotage systems, …) Before you send your query decide what kind of interpreting you need and let us know what kind of event you need interpreted (visit, business meeting, lecture, seminar, conference, ..)

Language combination for interpreting – please specify the original and target language or languages for interpretation.

Date – specify when you need us to provide interpretation services. For larger events we recommend you request an interpreter in advance, ideally one month in advance. We can arrange an interpreter for consecutive and accompanying interpretation within a few days, or even on the same day if necessary. However, if you request an interpreter for the same day or just one or two days in advance, we cannot guarantee that our interpreters will be available, especially for less common languages.

Place – please specify where you require interpretation services, whether in this country or abroad, or whether you are able to arrange the interpreter’s transport to the venue (e.g. for trips abroad). In the case of simultaneous interpretation, the exact location of the event is important so we can calculate the price for interpretation equipment (sound systems installation, space)

The topic of interpretation and documentation – please remember to specify what topic you require interpreting. We welcome all documents you have prepared for the event (PowerPoint presentations, written lecture materials, speeches …) or any terminology glossaries (if your company has these) or other reference materials that may help our interpreters to understand the topic.

Number of persons – let us know how many people you require the interpretation service for.

Interpreting equipment – if you require simultaneous interpretation we need to know whether the necessary equipment (sound systems installations, microphones for speakers, interpreting booths and headphones for listeners …) is available at the venue or if you need us to provide it. In addition to the above-mentioned number of people for whom you require interpretation services, please specify how many and what type of microphones you will need, how much space is available for situation of interpreting booths and if it will be necessary to obtain permits for their situation (e.g. In listed buildings), in your enquiry. If you are not sure what exactly you need, we will be pleased to advise you or to arrange a meeting with a technician on-site.

Client – specify who is ordering the interpretation services and your invoicing data if you require payment by invoice.

Other information – please add any additional information about whether you can provide transport, accommodation, meals for our interpreters, etc. or whether we also need to arrange these, as well as any additional information about the dress code the interpreter will need to meet (casual, formal, work, …) or other information that may seem unimportant, but can play a significant role in preparing quotations and influence the success of the provided service and it is to your complete satisfaction.