We can handle any translation

What has changed in our country in relation to the Covid pandemic? In view of the current market situation regarding Covid-19, we are preparing tailor-made quotations for clients according to their needs and possibilities in order to satisfy a wider range of legal entities, self-employed persons and individuals. We are always looking for ways to meet the needs of our clients so that they are satisfied not only with the quality of the services we provide, but also our price.

We use only native speakers with years of experience in the field being translated, which allows us to ensure TOP quality on the market. We translate from/into 115 languages worldwide. We have a wide base of translators and therefore we can handle any job.

We can handle any translation.

We handle not only regular texts, but certified translations and highly specialized translations across various fields. We also provide independent proofreading by native speakers. We can also arrange machine translations that could be preferable in some situations.

Do you need to hire employees who know a specific foreign language but neither you nor anyone in your company speaks it? We can provide a translation analysis of your candidates, including an assessment of their language skills and knowledge, and show you which one best fits in terms of language proficiency.

Do you need a translation of a professional lecture, advertising campaign or presentation, but you have it only in audio or video form? No problem. We will be happy to have a transcription (and subsequent translation) prepared for you. The price is based on the format, quality and complexity of the recording.

Are you planning to expand into new markets? Not only will we take care of the translation of your e-shop or website, but we will also localize the translated text to suit the customs and market of the country in question, thus ensuring you a flawless start.

Have you had bad experiences with other agencies? Then try us. We have translators with years of experience in the fields they translate, and we work exclusively with native speakers.

Do you have high-volume jobs that other agencies are unable to handle? Work with us. We have a broad base of translators who are native speakers and professionals in the fields they translate.

Feel free to contact us at any time – we will be happy to offer you the right solution tailored to your needs.

For more information, please contact us:, +420 777 758 633.

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2 300 executed translations last year

1 238 active translators

498 corporate clients

24 659 translated standard pages

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We will translate your texts.
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Why you should have translations made by Slůně

High quality of translations

We only work with tried and tested translators with adequate experience. 99% of our translations are executed by experienced native speakers of the target language. We regularly inspect the quality of outputs.

Unification and scope of translations

We guarantee maintenance of your unified terminology in translations. We use sophisticated CAT tools to do this, which means we can also execute extensive translation projects.

We are quick and flexible

We communicate quickly. We are willing to accommodate you in searching for a suitable solution. We can also execute translations for you over weekends or with express deadlines by arrangement.

You are taken care of by one person

All your orders are always taken care of by one coordinator, who knows the details of your order and takes care of you personally.

A broad portfolio of translation services

We translate more than 115 languages in various combinations. We translate general and also very specialised texts. We assure court certified translations. We can also carry out simple proof-reading of translated documents.


What translations do we work with?

Standard translations

We translate standard technical and advertising texts, leaflets, manuals, contracts, legal documents, texts for websites, etc.

Highly specialised texts

We regularly translate safety sheets, medical reports, texts for chemists and pharmaceutical workers, construction documentation, texts for the power engineering industry, texts concerning electrics, architecture, machine engineering, IT, law, agriculture, banking, marketing, natural sciences, etc. We charge a surcharge for specialisation depending on how complicated the text is.

Court certified translations

We assure court certified translations of certificates, diplomas, school reports, excerpts from the Commercial Register and Criminal Records Register, birth and marriage certificates, court materials, etc. with a translator’s clause and round stamp.

Proof-reading and analysis of translations

We proof-read translated texts. We can analyse a translation and establish the quality of a translation supplied by your translator. (We proof-read translations in the scope of one standard page for free).

Translations of websites

We can help you translate your website into several languages. We are capable of translating website texts in the source file of the website (html, php….) or in an editorial system (WordPress, Joomla!…). You can also copy texts from your website into text format (.doc, .txt…), which we can translate just like any other text. When executing such translations we also address the issue of key words, which will help optimise the content of your website for search engines (SEO).

Large-scale projects

We are immediately capable of putting together a project team consisting of project managers and the required number of translators, proof-readers, and other specialists for large-scale orders. We will help you with translation of major projects. In this case one of our coordinators is appointed to choose a team of translators who will work on the project. We take it for granted that the used terminology is shared and a terminology database is generated; you are also offered the opportunity to monitor the progress of the translation work and make revisions using online translation CAT tools.

For these projects we grant a quantity discount and additional discounts for repeated text.

Translation FAQ

How long does translation take?

We translate quickly. We are happy to inform you of the deadline when you send us your non-binding inquiry. We can also translate to express deadlines and over the weekend.

How can I ensure a quick and smooth translation?

How can I ensure a quick and smooth translation? Please supply the following information before we provide a price quotation:

Type of translation – do you only need an ordinary translation or a sworn translation with a seal? We are able to provide both options, but when preparing the price quotation we need to know whether it will be an ordinary or a sworn translation, because these two types differ significantly while being processed. Ordinary translations are usually sent via e-mail; to process a sworn translation we need the original document, which is then attached to the translation. For this reason, this type of translation is usually handed over to the client in person at our office (they can be sent by mail or courier by prior arrangement).

Language combination for the translation – please specify the original and target language or languages for the translation, e.g. a translation from Czech into English.

File to be translated – if you already have a file you want to translate, attach it to your request for a price quote and we will provide you with information about its length and the final price. The best way is to send files in editable formats, which can be overwritten by the translators while maintaining the layout of the text. If you only have the text in PDF format, we will endeavour to deliver the translated text in a layout as similar to the original as possible.

Delivery time – specify when you need to have the translation completed. In most cases of very flexible deadlines we are able to meet your requirements and do not charge fees for express delivery.

Purpose of the translation – please add some information about what you will use the text for. If texts are intended for publication or printing we recommend additional proof-reading by a second native speaker.

Client – be sure to include your name (company) and add your invoicing data if you require payment by invoice.

Terminology – if you require translation of a technical text, we welcome any terminology glossaries (if your company has these) or other reference materials, which can help the translators to understand the subject. The opportunity to consult on the issue with your corporate terminology expert is very useful to us.