Corporate language training

We can work with you to prepare a lesson plan to meet your wishes and educational goals. We will be happy to offer various forms of course tailored to suit your needs from the aspect of place, time, method and frequency.

We have twenty years of experience with an individual approach to course organization and meeting your needs and expectations. You can find out more about our work in our clients’ references.

Slůně is a member of the Association of Language Schools (ALS) and we adhere to the principles anchored in its common code.

The advantages of a partnership with us:

1.     It is entirely up to you to choose where the course is held. Courses can take place in the classrooms of any of our affiliates (Ostrava, Brno, Prague, Plzen) or at your company’s premises anywhere in the Czech Republic.
2.     Qualified lecturer. During job interviews we focus on adequate education, experience and personal presentation.
3.     Information about the course in the online database.
4.     Related services. The course includes a range of related services – testing, regular assessment, additional goals and others.
5.     Tailored courses. Employees can be educated in groups or individually, they can attend a general or specialised language course, e.g. business courses, special-purpose courses, preparation for examinations etc.
6.     Quick and professional communication.
7.     International TOEIC test exam. Slůně – svět jazyků, Ltd. is an ETS testing centre. This examination is an approved test designed specifically to assess the ordinary English language skills of people working in an international environment.

The best motivation

Being in a group results in mutual motivation as well as in an individual‘s desire to keep up with the best student in the class. It is not as easy for the student to determine his progress during private lessons because there is no one else to compare it with.

It’s fun!

Group lessons are simply more dynamic and fun. In these cases students can work together in twos or threes, play games and compete against one another in teams.  If they are part of a group, students can stand up and interact during an activity.

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