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Řekli o nás – bývalí zaměstnanci

30. srpen 2016

Na plzeňské pobočce společnosti Slůně-svět jazyků, s.r.o. jsem působil na pozici obchodního asistenta mezi zářím 2014 a srpnem 2016. Pod vedením manažerky pobočky, Radky Štuskové, jsem zajišťoval překlady a tlumočení a také organizační, administrativní i jiné věci spojené s firemní i individuální výukou. Do firmy jsem byl přijat jako absolvent bez praxe a velmi si cením důvěry, kterou mi paní Lucie Vlková a pan Petr Pasek, ředitelé a spoluzakladatelé společnosti, společně s paní Štuskovou, dali. Díky nim jsem získal cenné zkušenosti, kterých si nesmírně vážím.

Paní Vlková i pan Pasek přistupují ke svým zaměstnancům s citem, důvěrou a jsou připraveni nabídnout pomocnou ruku při řešení jakýchkoliv (nejen) pracovních potíží. Do dalších let tedy přeji firmě Slůně-svět jazyků, s.r.o. především spousty spokojených studentů, klientů i zaměstnanců. Na mé působení ve Slůněti budu vždy s radostí a vděčností vzpomínat.

Daniel Salcman

March 15, 2016

I worked for Slůně for nearly two years (2012 and 2013). I worked as a methodologist for language teaching as well as academic and HR manager. As a methodologist I was in charge of going to classes for observations and giving feedback to teachers. I ran workshops on different topics for teachers in order to improve their teaching techniques. I helped teachers with lesson plans and syllabi. As an HR manager I interviewed and hired new teachers. I also took care of some of the clients and students, chose the right teachers for them and organized classes. Working for Slůně was a very valuable experience for me. I enjoyed working with the colleagues in the office in Prague as well as the cooperation with colleagues from other branches and with clients. I could always be open when talking to either of the directors and met with very professional, kind and welcoming response from their side.

Petra Slabá

December 15, 2015

To Whom It May Concern:
I was flattered to be asked to write a letter of reference for Petr Pasek and Lucie Vlkova from Slune - svět jazyků.

I was employed by the company from 2012-2014. I was working as a head office manager for Ostrava branch which was the Central branch for the whole company. I was overlooking a department of translations and interpreting.
I would be pleased to say that being employed by Slune - svět jazyků is "not just a standard office job".

Petr and Lucie are choosing their employees very carefully, therefore we were all selected to work as a team which was producing very exciting, fun but very professional work atmosphere. Some of my responsibilities were: managing three coordinators who were providing excellent services for our clients as well as cooperating with other branches. Part of it was providing a wide range of translations from medical, commercial and industrial fields as well as court accepted translations to providing simultaneous or consecutive interpreting.

I am proud to say that our team was selected to be a partner with Worldwide known companies to provide interpreting and translating services, such as Microsoft - partners in teaching, International Logistic Conferences and many more.
Both Petr and Lucie were actively present at most events making relationship between the bosses and their employees very trusted, friendly, but also very professional.

Apart from the fact that they both Petr and Lucie hold bilingual and multilingual skills, their professional approach makes partnership between International Companies and Slune - svět jazyků very valuable and unique based on professionalism and great service provider with individual approach.

Please give Slune - svět jazyků every consideration while choosing as your business partner, service provider or you next employer.
I am honored to say that I have been part of this team and still up to this date keep a very good relationship with both owners.
Best Regards,

Marketa Vojtová

December 5, 2015

To whom it may concern,
I am writing to recommend language school Slůně – svět jazyků as a potential employer. I have been working for the school for almost 2 years at the position of the manager of the Prague branch before my maternity leave. I had the pleasure to cooperate directly with both co-owners of the company, Petr Pasek and Lucie Vlková, who not only manage the school, but also create its atmosphere and direction.

From my perspective, Petr‘s and Lucie’s main strength lies in their sincere interest in their employer’s ideas and needs. If they trust you, they create for you space to develop your ideas and invite you to participate in the school’s key decisions. Besides, they also know well their employees, understand their personal issues and when it is possible, offer solutions to manage them together with their job duties. I must also appreciate their ability to coach employees who faced certain difficulties or challenges in their tasks. Even though there are currently 6 branches of the school in the country, Petr and Lucie know well each employee, are in frequent personal and online contact with them and support both formal and informal communication amongst them.

As to the school in general, I would like to appreciate highly its focus on quality and personal relations in regard to both language teachers and clients. After many years in the NGO sector I was proud that I could become a part of the team that focuses on financial success built on business ethics.

Considering all this, I would like to strongly recommend applying for a position at Slůně.

Tereza Kučerová
Mgr. Tereza Kučerová
Prague branch manager of Slůně – svět jazyků from December 2013 to October 2015